From the mouth of babes: compliments

Getting ready for a trip and I was trying on a new shirt.  Having had some limited success with a bold black and white striped shirt I bought a bold red shirt with white dots. Tortellino got really excited when he saw me.
WOW!  Mom, you look like a clown!


It's OK. You're a really beautiful clown.

You can always count on your kids to know just what to say to make you feel better.


Milk & Stawberry Tiramisu'

Taste of Home Strawberry Trifle
Tortellino's birthday is today and I made him a special cake.  Usually, he requests a cake with real fruit, for the first few birthdays - because of a milk intolerance I made him Angelfood Cake with macerated berry topping.  The last couple of years I made fruit tarts - beautiful, shiny and well... boring! This year I was short on time and ideas but I saw a beautiful picture of a Strawberry Tiramisu' - most Itailans have never heard of this because it's an American invention!

The best part... nooo baking!