How to Out-fox the French: Italian Style


As you may have heard in the news, there are literally thousands of north African immgrants arriving on the small Sicilian Island of Lampedusa every day.  Italy has asked Europe for help in managing the situation- which involves checking the identity of each arrival. If they have legal documents and no criminal record, they are granted entry into the Country.  If not, which almost all do not since they burn their identity papers before boarding these immigrant ships they are refused entry and get a boat ride back to their supposed point of origin. Italy has asked the European Community for help in managing this situation all  have refused. France, of course, is the final destination for many of the immagrants from Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria and other African French-speaking counries.

And who is sending undocumented immgrants without papers by the bus-load across the boarder and dropping them off into Italy? In their "defense" France claims that "they entered Europe thorugh your coast line, they're your problem now."

What to do?

Run a series of "expose'" stories on the Italian news showing all the routes to get into France undetected - including unsupervised fence areas, and mountain roads used by bootleggers. 

Today's news expose' story focused on how Friday is "Market" day in the Italian boarder towns and many French would be coming to Italy to shop for bargains making boarder controls back into France chaotic and difficult.

They're just saying...  you know... just in case you were wondering.