Italy's Lunch Program... Wow!

The hub-ub continues about the quality of food in U.S. schools and it's effect on one of the heaviest populations in the developed world. For perspective, I would like to show you the lunch program in Tortellino's school.  We live in Italy, not far outside of Rome- each province and region has it's own menu depending on the traditions and ingredients of that region.

For Tortellino's school, there are two menus a "Summer" and "Winter" which cycle on a 5 week schedule. Each meal consists of a first course, second course, side dish, bread and fruit. This is not slop on a tray, they (including kindergarten) receive ceramic plates with real metal implements to eat with.  You will see that each week is marked on top in Roman numerals, and the day of the week is written on the left in yellow. Oh, and most kids eat everything on the menu. Really. (click on it to enlarge, or scroll down for the translation)

The food , and it's preparation, is under strict control by a mixed panel including parents, administrators, cooks and government officials.