Barbie: I can be... a dentist OR a potty attendant, I mean behind wiper, I mean..

...babysitter! Yea, that's it!

That idea never popped in my head when I this at the store today.  I can't decide on what level any executive at Mattel thought this was a good idea.  Aren't there better ways to illustrate a babysitter than to have her, washcloth in hand, attending to a child going to the potty?  As if that wasn't enough, the potty is inteactive -the interior turns yellow with a brown "shape" and when you flush it makes a sound and the interior turns blue.

The next companion toy in the series, seems like a good idea, Barbie is a Pediatric Dentist -- with a moving toothbrush and a seat that makes gargling noises - that´s a little creepy but if you are scraping the bottom of the barrel for interactive noise-based ideas from the dentist´s office that´s what you get.

OK Mattel, listen-up, this is my suggestion for next year's I Can Be.. a Babysitter Barbie:

Comfy couch, universal remote control, flat-screen tv and interactive coffee table that makes "potatochip crunch" and "soda can opening fizz" noises when Barbie´s flip-flop covered feet are on it. The Kelly doll should wear sox of two different colors, flowery shorts, a turtleneck sweater, butterfly wings, and a crown.

I'm sure moms everywhere would be glad to share their ideas on the Babysitter doll.

I think you need them.

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Anonymous said...

i have a barbie just like this