Ferragosto Feast

On the 15th of August, every Italian celebrates Ferragosto - a day of picnics, outings, or elaborate lunches. Usually, my husband's family has a lunch in the countryside among their orange and olive trees. It sounds far-away and picturesque but since they live in a little town on top of the hill, the countryside is just down the hill from them. This summer we celebrated in my mother-in-law's home because she had just converted her garage into a nice apartment. We were only 16 - usually the group is 30+ people because she has four brothers and a sister each with about three kids each, and each with two or three kids each... it adds up!

I took this as an opportunity to practice my food photography. So... I present her menu to you...

 A lasagna with meat sauce, plus grated ham, mozerella and beschemel sauce.

 The second course featured two meat dishes... the first was a pork roast, served with peperonata and fresh figs.  The second..

 Was various cuts and preparations of pork.  Pork pieces, pork rolls, stuffed with cheese and pork meat-balls!

Soft and crunchy at the same time, creme-filled bignet finished the meal!

Buon ferragosto!

The cook is in pink in the front!


Sage Vivant said...

I don't know which looks better: the food, the photography, or the lovely family gathering! I am truly loving your blog. :)

Frank said...

Quite a feast! Complimenti alla cuoca!

Indonesia Eats said...

Lovely feast meals you had there!

Anonymous said...

OMG!!! where is the recipes!!!!!!!the photos are awesome! i have been dreaming of italy for a bit now. i think we will visit next summer. My family is from hawaii (polynesian/asian) and new york city (italian/hispanic), living in okinawa, japan.(our neighbor is from Turkey) love the diversity of life!!!

~Lani Pomaika`i