The Underside of.. Bernalda (MT) Italy

Italians don't like to show off their dirty laundry. Clean laundry, is another thing...


Ferragosto Feast

On the 15th of August, every Italian celebrates Ferragosto - a day of picnics, outings, or elaborate lunches. Usually, my husband's family has a lunch in the countryside among their orange and olive trees. It sounds far-away and picturesque but since they live in a little town on top of the hill, the countryside is just down the hill from them. This summer we celebrated in my mother-in-law's home because she had just converted her garage into a nice apartment. We were only 16 - usually the group is 30+ people because she has four brothers and a sister each with about three kids each, and each with two or three kids each... it adds up!

I took this as an opportunity to practice my food photography. So... I present her menu to you...

 A lasagna with meat sauce, plus grated ham, mozerella and beschemel sauce.