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I ran across this question online today: Who inspired you to blog?  I answered it in the little comment field, but I couldn´t stop thinking about it.  Many said that other blogs inspired them to blog.  Well.. I started this blog in 2003 and there were very few interesting blogs to inspire.

My mother´s unexpected  death in 2002 inspired my blog.  She was such a talented writer - she would turn an email into a short theater script or write incredible details of her experiences- and never had one single place to put all of her writings or even realize her dream of writing a cookbook. Though, I have inherited just a small percentage of her talent as a writer, I wanted to create a compendium of thoughts and stories for anyone who might enjoy me now, or miss me later.

The "what is happening to me right now, or earlier today" phase was at the beginning.  When you think your life is pretty interesting or you have an opinion on everything, there is no shortage of writing material!

Then, I moved into the "this is what I did, pre-blog" phase (like the dolphin story) which refuses to close.  It lingers and waits for the story about how I never got into the Airforce out of high-school and it got me banned from any military branch in the United States to be written. Though 20 years, two kids and three countries later it almost doesn´t seem to matter. Almost.

I went through "Mommyzilla" when I got pregnant with Tortellino (born in 2005), but the blogging really slowed down after that because I had a new little guy keeping me busy.  I still write a post now and then about what a great enlightened mom I am but the birth of Rompina (born 2008) took care of that.  You only think you are doing anything right when your kids let you.

I was experiencing so many new things with our move to Austria, that the "What the hell am I doing here and who are these people?!?" phase was kind of automatic.  I even had an article written about me in a local paper  because, apparently, Austrians like to be observed and written about.

Our move to Italy, surprisingly, did not bring up the same kind of topics.  Then again, I am from here and all the while in America I missed being here - though now I´ve been around the world so much I don´t exactly fit anywhere anymore.

Which brings me to the current "look what I did, and this is how you can do it too" phase.   Through commenting and reading other blogs I found my own voice again and my comment on a story was even chosen as comment of the day

Next? I don´t know... I just hope to be able to keep writing, sharing, and talking until I´m good and ready to let go of this keyboard.

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