my diy drawer organizers - just wood & glue!

Since I had such an incredible success in making a custom IKEA Knife drawer with just a drawer liner, glue gun and some cut pieces of wood. I went all out and completed the set. Hubby says the silverware drawer is his favorite transformation; I'm just so happy that we got rid of the horrible wire mesh silverware sorter (everything got stuck in it).

Silverware Sorter Drawer
Finally, a space for my medium and mini dessert forks. Also, a slot for butter knives and tea thingies!

Cooking Utensil Drawer
I used to have all of these things in a vase, but now that I've gone minimalist and have the extra space I stuck them all in a drawer. Before the dividers, with daily use, everything would slowly migrate to the middle and tangle.

Knife Drawer, revisited
A safe haven from children for all of my sharp things. Slots for steak knives, cheese knives, chef, bread, mezzaluna and other large specialty knives. The last slot is for the sharpening rod (or whatever it's called). Skewers get tucked on the side opposite of zesters, baller, peeler and a cork screw. I originally wrote an excruciatingly detailed description here about how the idea came to me and how I made it... but let's just cut to the drawer photos, no?

In the bedroom... jewlery drawer
I did this a long time ago and never had a reason to post it. I used an IKEA Inreda DVD drawer insert, and some ice cube trays to keep all my bling organized. Further on the right, not pictured, are additional ice cube trays, and a small pillow for pin parking.

So.... what should I organize next?

[insert mad scientist laugh here]

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Jenn said...

how about organizing my drawers next? :)

Jana @ Weekend Vintage said...

So clever! Love your drawers!

Pingchien said...

Love it! I love your wooden spoons too. Will you mind sharing where I can find them? Thanks for the inspiration!

elle pee said...

Pingchien, the wooden spoons on the right are olive wood spoons. I inherited them from my mother years ago in America. I think most food equipment stores in the U.S. carry them, otherwise, try the web! The rest are regular dollar-store spoons.

Anonymous said...

Learned a lot from your blog. Thanks for sharing!
For wood dividers, do they stand sturdy? Since some of them have no support from either side, can they be pushed down easily?

elle pee said...

Thanks for your comment! It's almost been a year since I made these drawers and they are still holding strong after daily use, and abuse (by the kids). Yes, there a small flexibility to the free-standing wooden pieces but because such a large area of them is attached to the liner, and the liner is attached to the drawer they do not budge much. Originally, my intention was just to glue them temporarily and then anchor them with screws from below the drawer but I found I have never needed to do that!



Martina said...

Being an organization maniac myself, I just love your drawers! Very nice job! :)

Sigrid said...

When you finish organizing Jenn's drawers, you can organize mine. Soon you'll be visiting in this country so it won't be so much of a trip to stop by :-).

I see you have your knives in a drawer. I couldn't possibly do that as I have extremely limited drawer space. However I have found a knife "block" that I've had for a number of years. I love it as it gives one total flexibility for knife placement. It's called a Kapoosh Knife Holder. See it here: