kitchen organization tips, plus... more drawers!

I've been on a roll lately making my own custom knife drawer,and then custom silverware and cooking utensil drawers. The rest of my kitchen innards use standard items made for organizing,  not quite diy like the rest, but there are a few more little tricks and tips that I would like to share.

Vertical Saute'
The vertical saute' pan drawer is an under-the-sink recycling pull-out drawer. I used standard drawer dividers to separate my pans so they don't scratch and are easy to reach without having to stack and unstack them.

Overhead Cleaning Supplies
Since I have kids, all of my detergents went into an overhead cabinet. It's actually turned out to be a fantastic idea, because everything is now really easy to find because the overhead cabinet is not as deep and at eye level.

Bottles Up!
For the spice cabinet I purposely put the bottles on top instead of the bottom, so that everything would be "lower" and easier to reach. Had I put the bottles on the bottom, I would have had to go on my tippy-toes to reach the spices!

Tops Down
This little top-holder made it possible to fit many more tops in the same amount of space. Very easy to find and grab the right top!

Coffee & Tea
I made the coffee and tea overhead cabinet above where we will eventually put the coffee maker. I'm a big tea drinker. I used to have access to quite an international tea selection when I lived in San Francisco. But, now that I live in  Italy - land of espresso- it is difficult to find local specialty or imported teas. I have resorted to making my own chai spice mix (tastes great!).

Pantry Drawers
Nothing too special here, just the grain & bean, pasta, baking and pantry drawers with normal dividers and dollar-store baskets to help keep everything in it's place.

Yes, we have an obscene amount of olives! Hubby's family from Southern Italy have their own trees so we are always well stocked !


Manja said...

Thank you for the affordable organisation tips! It's great! Gonna try out the drawer organiser ASAP!

organised chaos in singapore

Mysteries of the Universe said...

Wow. I'm curious as to how you lived in San Francisco for 25 years and had an American parent but never learned to speak English correctly on almost any level, grammar, idiomatic phrases, plurals, anything... Does someone else write your blog for you!?! A non-native English speaker??

elle pee said...

Thanks for your kind comments. Unfortunately, I do not have a professional editor at my disposal - since this is a personal and not a corporate-sponsored blog. I do my writing on a miniature lap-top with two kids bouncing around, throwing toys on the keyboard, and sometimes deleting whole paragraphs.

Thank you also for your interest in my linguistic education. In fact, I am a non-native English speaker. I spoke only one language until I was 9, then two languages until I was 33 where I now speak three - none of them very well but at least two with no discernable accent.

If you are looking for polished writing, I suggest you go to your local bookstore and support writers who are getting paid to write and have editorial houses to make their writings digestible to the most persnickety reader. Before you do... take a look at your kitchen cabinets and see if you can´t use some of my poorly written ideas towards improvement.

Elisa said...

Grande risposta ad un grande ignorante. Love it. Mi piace molto anche il tuo blog, non vedo l'ora di provare la ricotta, qui nel Massachusetts non si trova. Ciao.

Rebecca S said...

Bravo to you for such a measured, polite response to such an ugly comment! And your kitchen looks wonderful too. :)

fayettebelle said...

OMG! Trolls everywhere! Am in agreement with praising your calm and reasoned response.

I'm also impressed with your kitchen arrangement (here from your thekitchn.com comment) and looking forward to reading more about your adventures in cooking. =)

Finally, let me say that I only speak (and write) ONE language and am seriously envious of anyone who can speak more.

Pam @ diy Design Fanatic said...

I really love the pantry drawers - I love drawers, period! They keep you so organized. Thanks you for stopping by my blog and leaving a nice comment!

Elizabeth B said...

Good grief. Rudeness. Your extremely polite response impresses me. For what it's worth, I'm a professional ESL teacher--you know, with a credential and an MA and everything--and also an editor, and I can tell you that your command of English is really quite good.

Hi, I'm Elizabeth. I just discovered your blog. Thanks for the interesting posts! :)