pop! wicker color

Our IKEA wicker chairs were getting a little worse for wear, so we had this great idea of spray-painting them. I just wanted to do blue and white but hubby had other plans, and I'm glad he did! I painted each one a different color - though I nixed his rainbow-with-leftover-colors chair so we have one that we left natural. Each chair, with two coats, took about one and a half cans of spray paint. You could probably get away with one generous coat, but we plan to leave them in the hot baking, humid sun on the balcony so I was aiming for a as-closeas-you-can-get-to-complete seal.

Then, we had guests and...
I had to bring in a chair for extra-seating. Yes, we still have our table with four chairs from before kids and entertaining is always a challenge - I institute the "kids table" for more seating.

I brought in just the blue chair and... pop! Wow, I didn't realize that kooky sea-themed plasticized table cloth that I bought at the market would actually match anything. This wicker chair is not going back onto the balcony!

Just a few tips if you plan on spray-painting your wicker chairs:

-Put a generous layer of cardboard, or drop cloth or newspaper because these chairs have holes, so you will be spraying a lot of paint everywhere else.
- Wear your "painting" clothes. Or if you just moved and got rid of them, wear your pj's inside-out so if the wind changes direction you don't ruin a nice outfit. Ignore the Italian neighbors poking their head through the gate who are trying to figure out whether they should tell you that you have a tag standing straight up from your butt.
-Oh yes, the wind. Even on the stillest day.. there will be a breeze. So try to adjust your painting angle so that the wind blows most of the paint towards the chair.

Have fun!


Completely Coastal + Daily Vitamin Sea said...

Just love the colors -very cooling!!!

Anonymous said...

I just came around your blog (God knows how ..... as usual!!) and realizing that all your pictures had something familiar ..... mmmmm this looks like an italian balcony, and mmm this table cloth look sooo familiar, ah yes it's like mine, and uuuu she bought at the marked just like me. Then I thought mmmm is this in America??? Let me go and check and ta da YOU ARE MY ALMOST NEXT DOOR NEIGHBOUR!!! No wonder everything looked so familiar. I live in Nettuno and will love to meet with you for a nice cappuccino!!!!
Ciao Francesca