not smart: getting towed by a crane

Yesterday, outside the emergency room in Anzio (RM) we saw a car being towed by a crane. Apparently it was no small thing... since even the doctors stopped what they were doing and came out to see this in progress.

Oh, and yes, everything is fine now. My sister, who is visiting from America, had a medical urgency and when you are a tourist you are supposed to go to the Emergency room. Other than the doctors making a few cracks about President Obama and his new health-care plan, a bit of drama between doctors (yelling and fighting in front of patients), a nursing strike, less then hygenic setting (doctors not wearing rubber gloves and little splatters of old blood on the wall in the waiting room) and the smoke from patients running just outside the front door to get a smoke, she got first class treatment in a record 6 hours... and no bill. Though,  she kept asking to whom she should be flashing her health-care-card and when she would be getting a bill. Driving home, I pointed out that they did not even ask for an address, so... no worries!

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