kitchen organization tips, plus... more drawers!

I've been on a roll lately making my own custom knife drawer,and then custom silverware and cooking utensil drawers. The rest of my kitchen innards use standard items made for organizing,  not quite diy like the rest, but there are a few more little tricks and tips that I would like to share.

Vertical Saute'
The vertical saute' pan drawer is an under-the-sink recycling pull-out drawer. I used standard drawer dividers to separate my pans so they don't scratch and are easy to reach without having to stack and unstack them.

Overhead Cleaning Supplies
Since I have kids, all of my detergents went into an overhead cabinet. It's actually turned out to be a fantastic idea, because everything is now really easy to find because the overhead cabinet is not as deep and at eye level.


my diy drawer organizers - just wood & glue!

Since I had such an incredible success in making a custom IKEA Knife drawer with just a drawer liner, glue gun and some cut pieces of wood. I went all out and completed the set. Hubby says the silverware drawer is his favorite transformation; I'm just so happy that we got rid of the horrible wire mesh silverware sorter (everything got stuck in it).

Silverware Sorter Drawer
Finally, a space for my medium and mini dessert forks. Also, a slot for butter knives and tea thingies!


pop! wicker color

Our IKEA wicker chairs were getting a little worse for wear, so we had this great idea of spray-painting them. I just wanted to do blue and white but hubby had other plans, and I'm glad he did! I painted each one a different color - though I nixed his rainbow-with-leftover-colors chair so we have one that we left natural. Each chair, with two coats, took about one and a half cans of spray paint. You could probably get away with one generous coat, but we plan to leave them in the hot baking, humid sun on the balcony so I was aiming for a as-closeas-you-can-get-to-complete seal.

Then, we had guests and...


not smart: getting towed by a crane


Yesterday, outside the emergency room in Anzio (RM) we saw a car being towed by a crane. Apparently it was no small thing... since even the doctors stopped what they were doing and came out to see this in progress.


what should I do with this?

It´s a piece of bark from a cork tree. They grow pretty liberally here in central Italy. At first I thought of a lamp, but it does not have enough holes. Then for a flower arrangement, but it`s a bit large.

Your ideas?!?

It´s about 30cm or 24" tall.


5 minutes, €3, and a light bulb!

The Inspiration

Check out the recession design website, lots of great high-design low-cost ideas (with instructions- in Italian). Basically, this is aluminum mosquito netting clipped onto a light bulb.

The Problem

A light fixture with a missing glass cover.


20 minute lentils - via pressure cooker

I have gotten such an enthusiastic response to my pressure cooker recipes that I posted this one, and many more new ones, on my new blog dedicated to pressure cooking. Come and visit hip pressure cooking... and make a pressure cooker recipe request, or post your own!

Bright, tasty, al-dente lentils.  My sister said it best after tasting this recipe, "Wow! This is not mom's brown mushy lentils that we were forced to eat.  I like lentils now!"  And so will you.