5 minutes, €3, and a light bulb!

The Inspiration

Check out the recession design website, lots of great high-design low-cost ideas (with instructions- in Italian). Basically, this is aluminum mosquito netting clipped onto a light bulb.

The Problem

A light fixture with a missing glass cover.

A wire sticking out of the wall with a light-bulb attached.

The Solution

A square of aluminum mosquito netting for €3. Scissors and a little creativity.

Fold the edges of the netting to make a fringe-free line, then fold over itself three times into a nice rectangle (a little larger than the fixture).

Pinch, scrunch, and wrinkle - you can't go wrong.

Hang on the lamp.

For the naked light bulb, just fold the scrap into four, roll the rectangle around the bulb and wire. Scrunch and squeeze around the bulb and wire. Done!

It took me less time to make these light covers than it took me to write about it. Try it!


Anonymous said...

Yes, but now I want to shape the netting over the chair into a vague human figure and display that.

Beach House Living said...

Hi Elle

I'm sorry, I overlooked Italy and will add. An oversight on my part. Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving a comment.

I like this screen over bare light bulb how to. It is way cool!

grumblebunny said...

Light 'em up so we can see what they really look like! :)