Spring is here... fake it!

I've been hooked on the http://www.apartmenttherapy.com/ website for the last month or so. They can't post stuff fast enough for me to read! Their recent posts are all about spring flowers.

It seems that all blogs on the web are pushing spring flowers but... what if it's too cold for them to survive, or you have less-than ideal financial situation?

What to do?

Did you guess? These are
 fake flowers! Hubby is happy because they last and last, and I'm happy because fake flowers are starting to be so realistic! The trick to making the above flowers look even more real is in the cutting off almost all of the wire stem (to give that trendy short, just-picked look), and making what's left of the stem just under the flower more organic. Just loop or spiral the stems around your thumbs, and push the flowers in an asymmetrical pattern.

Here are a couple more...

The silk lavender in the urn, not only looks real, but smells real! I sneakily replaced the hand soap with essential oil lavender soap to complete the illusion. Then, just snap off a few buds from your fake lavender and place them in a bud vase as if they were real buds.

Finally, stay away from transparent vases, the fake, folded plastic stems will ruin the look!

Happy Spring!!!!

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