Spring is here... fake it!

I've been hooked on the http://www.apartmenttherapy.com/ website for the last month or so. They can't post stuff fast enough for me to read! Their recent posts are all about spring flowers.

It seems that all blogs on the web are pushing spring flowers but... what if it's too cold for them to survive, or you have less-than ideal financial situation?

What to do?

Did you guess? These are


Worst catalog photo ever!

One cannot live in Europe without running into one of Otto Group's mail catalog businesses. I was introduced to BonPrix via our new friends and have been relatively satisfied with their products and quality. With my new order I got their new catalog with a very puzzling photo...

Now.. who on earth would try to sell you curtains with the picture of a crying bloody child?!?! But that is not all, lots of thought went into staging this photo including posing the woman, which I would presume would be the mother, calmly talking on the phone and explaining to her crying child how to wrap gauze around his wound.