where's the seat?

Last weekend we went to visit hubby's brother in Bologna, Italy. During the tirp, we made frequent stops as Tortellino decided to potty train on his OWN after I'd been prompting him for a year and a half. Luckily we brought his potty training seat reducer from home.

All the Italian gas stations and Autogrills (popular freeway restaurants) from Udine to Bologna suffered a systematic erradication of toilet seats. Previously, you would see some stalls with and some without or women's room with and mens's without.

Was it for hygiene? Stool prevention? Cleanup ease?

Whatever the reason, you certainly can't balance a kindergartner on the rim of the ceramic toilet and expect things to work. I was so happy with his reducer! It is designed to go on top of a toilet seat, but is wide enough to safely go directly on the ceramic and prevent accidental falls - which could easily instill an indelible fear of toilets.

Tortellino was quite the envy of children and adults alike as he proudly carried his own seat across the parking lot and through the restaurant/gift shop to the bathroom. OK Baby's Ducky seat is the perfect companion if you're traveling by car and space is not an issue!

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