I'll take it?!?!?

I've been remiss in posting the last few weeks as we've been busy getting boxes unpacked, broken things claimed and communicating with plumbers via cell phone - oh, the plumbers were here but I had to use a translator via cell phone to discuss all the problems.

It turns out this old house needed more than a good vacuming. On the day we moved in there was no running water on the first floor and no hot water on the second. Three weeks of plumbers here almost every day and we've got the most water-tight, lead-free, drip-free old house on the block!

Anyway, today Tortellino and I attended our first auction. No, not ebay.. a real live auction. I don't know what I was thiking since I've never been and... well my German is less than perfect. But, I saw a wonderful mirror at Dorotheum that I could not afford at the "buy it now" price so I figured it was worth a shot. The antique peddler promised he'd help but when the item was up for grabs the starting price was too steep for our pockets. Nonetheless, we decided to stay and watch a little bit. I can assure you that I was the only attendee with a toddler in her lap.

To keep Tortellino entertained, I gave him a pencil and piece of paper. Next thing I know, Vittorio is pointing this bright red pencil it straight up in the air and the auctioneer pointed at me, as if we were bidding on the 850 Euro golden bracelet - "no! no! no!" I shook my head.

Vittorio found the whole episode quite intersting so he started bidding on several other items. I didn't want to accidentally bring home anything expensive so I packed up the stroller and we made our way out of the auction room.

Whew... close one. I'll have to get a babysitter if I plan to attend the next one!