Schwammerl Suchen (Mushroom Hunting)

We went mushroom hunting in the hills just outside of Graz, yesterday. My husband practically grew up in the Italian Alps and can recognize the dangerous mushrooms. In Italy, you can take your mushrooms to the piazza and have an expert examine them, but I haven't heard of anything similar here. To be sure, we stuck to the safe varieties and stayed way from the "iffy" adventurous ones.

One thing is for sure. If it's red, and it has white dots on it, like these, DO NOT EAT THEM!

We found lots of Finferele, Portobello, Mazza Tamburo and about three fresh Porcini! Actually, I found the biggest porcino... right next to the road!

We breaded and fired the big ones last night, tonight... Risotto ai Funghi!

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sk said...

It's about time you posted a picture of Vittorio. More pictures of the Tortellino please! We miss him. :(