How do you make your bed?

While shopping in Austria for bedding with a Scottish friend I stumbled on yet another cultural divide. There is a huge difference between European and American bedding. And I'm not talking size, or material...I'm talking bedding!

Having lived both in Italy and America, I have grown accustomed to some bedding basics, like a top sheet and a bed cover to keep the dust off the pillows. Instead, in Austria (and UK from what I understand), it is very common to just have a covered comforter and a bottom sheet. They use the covered comforter, which is often made of cotton, as a top sheet and throw the whole thing in the wash when it's time to change the bedding.

The simplicity of European bedding, certainly makes it easy to make the bed (just straighten the blanket) but is a big change for those who are used to sleeping in a tightly tucked bed!
American BeddingAustrian Bedding
Basic Bedding:
-Pillow & Case
-Bottom Sheet
-Top Sheet
-Comforter/Bed cover

-The comforter could be put in a comforter cover, but this is not typical.
-Pillow Shams for extra pillows are very common, though not commonly used.
-Bed skirts are a very popular addition

Notes: This is also true in Italy, with the exception of the bed skirt.

Basic Bedding:
-Pillow & Case
-Bottom Sheet
-Comforter in Cover

-An extra blanket is used for extra cold nights

Notes: This is also true in the U.K.

So, how do you make your bed?!?!


Anonymous said...

I use the American style. However, having slept through through Dutch, Norwegian, German, and now Italian beds, I like the down comforter idea, covered with a cover similar to the bottom sheet. Will buy when I return home from Italy next week.

Baci, Angela

Pricia said...

Hallo. I'm portuguese, currently living in Spain but also lived in Holland and Germany. In DE and NE, the bedding is like the Austrian way and the pillow (80x80cm) goes over the conforter.

In Portugal and Spain, the bedding is like in the USA and the bed cover covers the pillows.

The pillows sizes are also different: in Portugal one uses those rectangular small ones; in Spain they use 1 pillow that has the same lenght as the bed (1.35m, 1.5m, usw.). I hate those!

I am in favour of all that's confortable and makes me work less so my bed has bottom sheet, conforter and 2 small sleeping pillows that leave the wardrobe only at night;). During day time, the pillows I have on the bed are pure decoration.