No Mow!

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketJust a few weeks ago, my husband was mowing the lawn in our little modest garaden.

Our garden is fenced by one of those older fences which consists of bars (arrows pointing up) balanced by a horizontal bar. Our house being on a corner, two sides of our garden go along the sidewalk. So, other than the vegetation growing on the edge of the garden, it's easy to see inside, and conversly for us to see outside.
So, back to hubby mowing the lawn... he noticed, that while he was mowing several people stopped and watched for a little bit. He smiled and waved a nd continued mowing. He came back to me and told me what happened and we thought..
"Wow, Austrians are so friendly!"
Fastforward to last weekend when we had a couple over who's lived in Austria for a few years - long enough to understand quite a bit of German and the local laws. The hubby of the couple informed us that it's illegal to use any kind of motor (electric or gas-powered) on Sunday. That means electric saws, leaf blowers, lawn mowers... and yes, anything with a motor that can make noise.
Hmmmm.... it was on a Sunday when we were mowing the lawn! Maybe our neighbors were trying to say something, but I hope they walked away thinking...
"Wow, those new law-breaking neighbors are so friendly!"

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Dad Stuff said...

I like that law. I guess Friday will have to be lawn day. Although, no one has ever stopped to watch me mow the lawn.