plants as art...

I had quite a "growing" collection of house plants, succulents and a bit of a garden back in San Mateo. As is the case with most international (intercontinental) moves, one has to give up their plant collection. I had a very difficult time separating with many plants I had grown just from leaves or cuttings. I very much enjoyed playing with their leaves, containers, shapes, and colors to get quite the effect in any particular room. Slowly, I'm building the collection back up - most of the plants I have are grown from all the cuttings I was able to fit in a shoe-box and sneak on the plane with me. I remember, the first time the relocation consultant took me to the super-market in Graz the first words out of my mouth were "have they got any dirt?" In my first few days here, as we looked at homes I saw a plant store and asked if she didn't mind me popping in. "This is the priciest place in town", she warned. I mentioned to the clerk that I have cuttings that I need to plant right away. She lead me to the back where they had stacks, and stacks of used plastic pots. "Take your pick," the clerk said. "Gratis"

We are now settled into our home, and was able to put the few planters we brought to good use.

craning cressulas
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How could I leave these two relitives of the Jade Plant behind? Don't worry, they weren't that big when I stuck them in a shoe box to bring with... they've had about six months to grow.

the urns have it
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Two mother's day presents, one from Tortellino and one from myself. I like the way the two shapes contrast, yet they relate.

succulent party
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I just put all these guys together, they should grow into an impressive display this summer.

cut it out
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More cuttings that are slowly and carefully growing.

the columns have it

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In our living room, two columns really make a statement and elevate the plants to art.

botanical loot
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I went to visit the Graz botanical gardens, today and came a way with a little collection. To be fair, I did ask if they had any plants for sale, but they do not. Actually, they looked at me like I was nuts or like I thought I was in a plant store, instead of a botanical garden. Anyway, I picked up a few stems and leaves that "fell off" as I brushed past them. The loot includes: Camellia Sinesis (green tea plant), Fire Stick (from a 20 foot tree!!), Button, climbing fern, Begonia and some really bizarre multi-segmented tree leaf (don't know if that's going to grow into anything).


Anonymous said...

The historic city centre of Graz was awarded World Cultural Heritage by UNESCO in 1999...read more

sk said...

You'll be happy to know that the plant you left behind with me is alive and well. In fact, it's HUGE!