sometimes i think i can almost speak german, other times...

It seems like everything is just a letter or two off and it's easy to understand words like diskount and aktion. Names, too, seem to just have one letter changed like Monika and Veronika, or the name of a hotel that my hubby pointed out Hotel Romantik - just the addition of the "k" makes the hotel not so according to him.

Some things are spelled differently but sound like what they are like cold is kald and warm is warm (except its pronounced "varm").

But just when you start getting used to things meaning like what they sound... Other things are the opposite like who is were and where is wo but at least what is was which sounds alot like wäsche which means wash and not what.

Then there are times, like yesterday, where I was looking everywhere for a fruit tart for hubby's birthday. After a fruitless search of the bakeries in the town center, I went into a bakery trying to order it. I realized that they thought I must be ordering something dead - torte sounds alot like tot means dead in German as opposed to a tart or toddler.

I hurried down to Hauplatz and bought and English-German dictionary*.

So, I'm back at the bakery.

The ladies behind the counter sigh heavily and shoot each other a look. I whip out my new little dictionary and wave it in the air. Undeterred, I signaled, "Let's try this again..." The counter ladies stared laughing and one said "Ist gute Frau!" which roughly translated means, what a good wife or woman or... whatever (who am I kidding, I can't speak German, yet).

I was feeling pretty confident right about then... ordering an Obsttörchten but there is one thing dictionaries can't help you with: the barrage of foreign words that come back when someone answers you.

"Obsttörchten , obsttörchten, obsttörchten ?!?!" I repeated helplessly.

I think I ordered a Fruit Tart... but I'll have to see what I end-up picking up tonight.

It'll be a surprise for both of us.

*"Why am I buying a dictionary now?!?!" don't worry I haven't been without help. Since our arrival I've been using an Italian-German dictionary but for the life of me I couldn't remember the word for Tart in Italian.

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