copy & paste: OMG, Whad did I get myself into?

From the Graz Metroblog...

We just bought a house in Graz, and I went to take a look at if for the first time since the owner moved out. When she lived there, it looked like we could move-in no problem but, yesterday, I got a little reality slap. She had mentioned she was moving to an apartment and may be leaving some things behind. At the last minute during price negotiations, they asked for 20,000E for "all" of her furniture - some pieces where nice mind you but we have our own we didn't need all her stuff - we said no. So now, the first time that I get a look at the house they stripped everything. I mean, EVERYTHING. I was expecting the light fixures to go but she took all the carpeting off the stairs along with all the bars to hold it there - what the heck will she need that for in her new apartment?!? She also removed all the hardware to hold up curtains (wow, what a conicidence her new windows are the same number and size of our house, that's a lot of windows for an apartment) and the walls are filled with holes and hundreds, hundreds of nails. Am I over-reacting in thinking that taking the carpet and curtain hardware is a bit extreme and petty or is this standard fare in Austria? Also, the place is a dirty, dusty, dump. Without all her paintings and carpets covering everything it needs more work than we thought.

We're moving in next week.

The relocation specialist asked me, "Do you have a vacum cleaner?" I had to laugh.... I don't need a vacum, I need a miracle!


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