We wish you a very sick-mass and a happy new yeaaaar!

This was a very difficult holiday for at least two of us, and maybe the third.

From the moment we arrived at my mother-in-law's home (ie. the four-story refrigerator in the Italian Alps) and spent the night with some kind of 1950's metallic refrigerating blanket things started to go down hill.

Tortellino and I shared an ear infection (first for both of us) then he had some kind of bronchial thing and I got tonsillitis. We both had a non-stop fever for six days and were coughing up things that didn't think were possible - even nose-blowing was an experience (I've never seen orange snot before!)

Thankfully, in Italy, Doctors will come to your home after-hours to give you examinations but we had to go to the emergency room to give Tortellino and x-ray and, well I don't need to tell you how often hubby ran back and forth to the pharmacy. Oh wait, I can show you how often he went back and forth...

Christmas Gifts? No, Christmas sick.

Tortellino's normal acid reflux medication, three different kinds of anti-fever stuff, two antibiotics, a vitamin syrup, aspirin, anti-vertigo stuff, and somekind of magic mucous expectorating powder (which is what I think turned my mucous orange). I had to start writing directions on the boxes to remember which medication to give to whom when.

Tortellino tried to be excited about his new tricycle Christmas morning, but he just wasn't feeling it.
tortellino motorino

At least, when he saw it he went from walking to a fast, controlled stumble so we know he was excited about it but he just didn't have the energy to do much playing.

We were going to come back on the 3rd, but New Year's morn' Tortellino had his first day without a fever and hubby's temperature was starting to soar so we hopped in the family van and headed back to Graz last night.

Anyway.... I'm ready for my nap now.

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