impolite outsider

I had my first "outsider" moment today. I didn't think it would happen at the English Speaking Playgroup, but it did.

It was all quite natural.

I was sitting at the table sipping tea with three other mommies and the helper. I hadn't even noticed that I was the only "primary" English speaker there.

First it was one word, then short phrases and pretty soon... two simultaneous German conversations were taking place and I didn't understand a darn thing. I couldn't even come up with a joke like, "Hey, what happened to the English speaking playgroup?!?" I just got up from the table and moved over to the couches by myself where Tortellino joined me to look at picture books.

They must have gone on like that for at least 45 minutes (felt like more) until it was near time to go.

As the relocation agent told me, "When Austrians get together, they speak German!" That's what motivated her even more to learn the language quickly.

After postponements and reschedules I finally get my first German lesson, next week; but, for the moment I feel like a lonely outsider.

I probably should have said something... but I can't imagine what would be appropriate for this kind of situation without seeming inappropriate or impolite.

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Anonymous said...

Did you ever think it could be you and your attitude?