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Hey, I post for the Graz Metroblog, now. Here's one of my posts from there..

The General is for sale in a little shop on Burgergasse for 100E. He's at a discount, though, because the owner is switching his art stock from traditional and landscapes to modern art. I thought the subject of the painting expressed the store owner's quandry as well as the artist's point of view of traditional versus modern (values, architecture, fill-in-the-blank). A cuple of store windows up, is a modern art gallery where the current artist on exhibit features spalshed-on stick-figure people with blank faces. I tried to talk my husband into adopting The General and taking him home with us, but we agreed that the shocked look in his face would be a little difficult to take every day - it makes me jump every time I walk by it.

Sorry for the grany photo (I took it at night, with reflections on the store window), the live version is much more colorful!

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seldomred said...

he very much looks like the male version of my long gone viennese grandmother bless her the resemblence lies in those sad downturned eyes mostly
she was a deep-voiced gentle soul
which leads me to speculate what it was to be this old man what had he seen what tragedies wars loss and yes he seems to still have some measure of humour left in that face (maybe im not seeing something you see as its rather a dark picture)