IKEA, Schnitzels & Garlic.... oh my!

As I mentioned, we live in a party hardy apartment and other key things that were missing included simple cooking implements and non-stick pans.

One IKEA start-box later... we were cooking!
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It came with everything, including a kitchen timer, tivets, garlic press and a weird manual can-opener. The cold weather, abundance of left-overs, and a ridicuolously huge supply of apples and pears has had me cranking out casseroles and cobblers.

However, my latest piece de resistance, has been the ability to reverse engineer the most delicious cutlet (Schnitzel) recipe from Bergwith, a restaurant at the top of a hill on Petersbergenstrasse, in Graz of course! It's got a really delicious garlichy-but not bitter or overpowering-flavor that truly surpised me when I tasted it. A squirt of lemong and you're in Schnitzel heaven...It took me three tries but I was finally able to perfect it!

Knoblauch Schnitzel (Austrian Garlic Cutlets)
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This recipe requires a ridiculous amount of dishes, so if you're like me and don't have a dishwasher consider using paper plates or... make a big batch - freeze the rest for later and you won't need to do all those dishes quite so often.

Traditional recipes use Vollkorn bread crumbs (whole wheat)- easy to find in Austria difficult to find elswhere. Sometimes, you can find the crackers and if that's the case buy a pack of those, thorw them in the chopper and make your own vollkorn bread crumbs! Otherwise, you can substitute your garden variety bread crumbs.

6 Veal Cutlets
2 cups of Wheat Bread Crumbs
2 Heads of Garlic
2 Large Eggs
2 tsp. of Sea Salt
pepper - to taste
2 lemons
4 TBSP of Light Olive Oil

Prepare the garlic spread first. Crush all the cloves of garlic and mix them well with te 2 tsp. of sea salt, the juice of 1/2 a lemon and pepper to taste (let it sit and "macerate" while you prepare the rest).

Set up, in assembly line fashion going towards your frying pan: a dish with the eggs (well beaten), a dish with the bread-crumbs. Turn your oven on to 350F and add a low wide oven dish (you will place the cutlets in here while making the rest so they alls tay warm).

In a low, wide, frying pan add the oil and turn the heat to high. Test if it's ready by throwing a couple of bread-crumbs and seeing if it sizzles. If they sizzle.. it's ready!

For each veal cutlet thinly spread (preferably with a butter or non-sharp knife)the garlic mixture on both sides; then coat the cutlet with the eggs; then, coat the cutlet with the breadcrumbs; then, place delicately in the hot oil in the frying pan. Let it sizzle for about 3 minutes - then check for a golden brown crust, flip, sizzle for a few minutes more, then transfer to oven dish and proceed to the next one. If you have a large pan, or small cutlets you may be able to prepare more than one at a time.

Serve with wedges of lemon and serve with either rice or potato salad.

Gut Apetit!

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