Creepy Coinkydink!

Photobucket - Video and Image HostingOk... I had a creepy coincidental moment yesterday as I was shopping at the three-story "SEWA" (pronounced "save-ah" dollar store) in Graz. I looked up at the candle section and saw a very familiar face....

...Sri Chinmoy!

Those of you who have dined at the well-known vegetarian restaurant, "Ananda Fuara" will recognize him from the looping video that is on the monitors there. You know, where he's meeting with Mother Theresa, lifting 500+ pounds, drawing pictures, running, smiling and a few other things. The restaurant is strangely positioned on a dingy corner of Market street, near San Francisco's Civic Center and is an absolute magnet for power-hungry politicians who make deals over vegetarian wraps. I used to dine there quite a bit when I worked for the City and County of San Francisco and particularly enjoyed toddling over there while pregnant for one of their Yogi Chai (it's caffeine free for those who can't handle caffeine while they're gestating).

Photobucket - Video and Image HostingI should have known! The clerks at Sewa have the exact same royal-blue outfits and have this kind of happy, self-fulfilled glow about them that keeps them going quietly about their business. To the uninitiated, like me, this is kinda creepy.

I never knew that Sri Chinmoy's organization was so large or far-reaching as to have several stores not just in Graz, but all over Austria and Germany!

Now that's what I call a coincidence!

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