the little guy... and motherhood

Three months have past since my last post.. that's because a complicated pregnancy, induced labor, rough recovery and very active nocturnal baby, a drop-in from the in-laws from Nashville & Italy and a visit to my sister in Seattle have kept me pretty busy.

Yes, we're the proud parents of a little boy - which was quite a surprise since in the last month of my pregnancy I was convinced it would be a girl. It was just a feeling, not a wish - my only wish was for a happy, healthy baby and that has absolutely come true.

I'm just now coming up for air from this little guy and introduction to motherhood and have a newfound understanding and appreciation for my mother. If only she were alive today I would be able to connect with her on a whole new level as I know undedrstand how easy it is to stop thinking about yourself and dedicating oneself to this little being who can't hold his head up without assistance.

More coming soon as we're getting into the rhythim of things and I'm getting used to operating normally on less sleep.

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