Overstimulation: the new frontier for babies

I've been slowly piecing together the requisite baby registry in anticipation for a Baby Shower a friend is throwing for me. And, one of the things that has really shocked me is how many birght lights, sounds and toys manufcaturers are now attaching to just about everything.

What ever happened to those simple little walkers that were just a seat, a hoop and a cuple of wheels? Or what about a high-chair that was just a high chair... for eating? Or the stroller that was just for tranpsorting?

No, it now seems that these baby regalia are no longer useful for making a small child fit in an adult world - but made to stimulate, educate and otherwise annoy children at every step.

Seriously, what are we doing here? What ever happened to pushing a kid in a stroller and pointing out the migrating geese -- why would the baby ever look beyond his immediate environment when he's got plastic yellow duckies stuck to his storller that squeal when you squeeze them to entertain him at every turn!

For your amusement... and my shock, here are some of the baby items I've come across...

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Why bother walking? There are so many things nearby why bother going anywhere else?

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I'm surrounded! No matter what direction your baby looks in there's a toy to hit him on the head, foot or stomack. Who cares what's beyond the mat if evrything you need is right there!

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Who cares about the migrating geese mom is pointing out? They don't light up when I squeeze them.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Why go to sleep when I have all this fun stuff twirling around and making noise?

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Imagination? Who needs that when anything I would care to think about is right here?

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Why can't I play with my food? BTW, where is there room for my food?


ieatcrayonz said...

The only thing you really need is the swing. I promise.

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