the clapper!

Remember the cheesy "Clapper" commercials made their debut in the 80's with it's constant rain of commercials on network TV?

Clap on (tack! tack!), Clap off (tack, tack!), Clap on Clap off... the Clapper (tack, tack!).

When I was a teenager, I remember my mother brining one home excitedly to plug into our Christmas tree. It was always a bit too sensitive and with out loud family the tree would turn on and off. We'd encourage our guests to clap, clap, clap and watch our strobing Christmas tree!

Unlike the original, the model lets you operate two electrical thingies (one requires two claps, the other three).

A distant bedside lamp - that we'd always argue about who should turn off once comfortable in our toasty bed and a hard-to reach back-light in a corner made this old-time favorite a necessity.

I still don't know what happened to the original clapper from 20+ years ago but last night I unwrapped the cellophane off the new model and excitedly showed it to my husband who wasn't around for the 1980's media blitz - and was completely skeptical about "another gadget" that I'd brought home. He kept his most scathing comments to himself (the benefits of being pregnant - you don't get criticized as much!) and quizzically examined the box. I ran to our bedroom to plug in the back-light and bedside table lamp, stood back and let him go clapping!

A smile broke across his face as the lights lights turned on and off remotely. He wouldn't admit it, of course, but he liked it and last night he couldn't wait to "clap off" the beside table lamp!


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