Life is like a road, sometimes you reach cross-roads with signs where you get to choose the direction. Other time the road you're on ends in a cliff.

When a cliff is encountered the esiest thing to do is look for alternate routes to the left and right - even backwards - rather than surpassing the mental block of not knowing how far down the cliff in front of you actually is. If you decide to stay on the same road, you must jump off the cliff.

I just did that and found out that this cliff was only 12" deep. Maybe next time I won't be so lucky but that's the nature of the "road" and it's various choices, obstacles and cliffs into the unkown -- you never know how deep or shallow the cliff will be; yet, the fear and anticiption experienced at it's edge is always the same.


procrastination = organization

Once in a while I have to do "something" that is not particularly pleasant, involves lots of thiking and attention and I try every trick on the book not to do it... but I can't fool myself .

In the end, I do it, but the road to tackling the task require that I organize something else.

Three months ago when I was trying to avoid "something" I kept myself busy organizing the "everything" drawer. You know , the drawer that contains all the odds and ends that don't seem to have a place? Usually, the drawer is too small and some errant piece of paper that you thought might be useful at some point in the future sticks out... mocking you and declaring to the world "I am the everything drawer".

When I'm procrastinating there is no end to my creativity in finding the materials and solutions for just about anything. An overabundance of yogurt cups now lines the side of the "everything drawer" to house various little items that might be related - stamps and safety pins in one, chalk and rubber bands in another, foreign coins and paper clips in yet another. As the cups move further back in the drawer I put things in yougurt cups that we may never need or use (until 1 week after you throw it away). The middle has an odd-sized square container to hold about 50 pens (always to be found when not needed and missing when they are), then the slot further back contains some larger random things: screw driver, laser pointer, ect. It's still organized today so I guess it wasn't so bad!

Today, trying to avoid more work, I decided to tackle the "acessory"drawer that contians more earrings and necklaces that I'm willing to admit. Not to be outdone by my yougurt cup idea, I searched through the "kitchen plastic stuff and odd-sized tool" coupbard to note another over-abundance that just had to be seized: ice cube trays.

I just spent two hours sorting my earrings, necklaces, pins and other accoutroments in ice cube trays, empty greeting card boxes, and other random small-sized boxes.

Even though I've organized something else I still need to do the thing I needed to do.

But maybe, before I get started, I should look around for materials to organize my sox drawer. What could I use a separators?