I'm greedy.

I see something that I want and if I can't have it I long for it even more.

A small house has stemmed the tide of the junkety junk one would find anywhere, and bring home to collect dust and be thrown away in a year's Spring cleaning. Over three years in less than 640 square feet occupied by two adults, two cats, two computers and too many inherited antiques has completely eliminated any desire for junkety junk.

Other areas of my greed are not so easily bridled or satiated.

I spend too much time being preoccupied by the latest thing that I want and not enough time conteplating whether I actually need it or not. If it looks, tastes or feel good I want it all the time. If by some odd chance I actually get the thing I wanted I'm usually disappointed that it did not posess these magical powers to make me happy that I bestowed upon it before I got it. So, I move on to the next thing that just have to have.

This bottomless want isn't working for me anymore.

I'd like to reduce my greed and increase charity.

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