I'm the average age, height, weight and shoe size. The last item is quite important to me as whenever I go shopping for shoes they never have my size.

"Can I show you and 8? Or perhaps a 7? "

No, I have size 7.5 feet. The 7's are too tight and the 8 are too loose. I've been having this problem for years. Everyone in the entire Bay Area and Peninsula must have feet my size. You'd think that at some point, it would dawn on the shoe retailers that this is a really popular size and that maybe... they should order more?!?!

Grrrrr..... what is an average-sized woman to do?!?!


waste of time...

I'm mourning the loss of some friends.

My husband and I made friends with this family with whom we became really close and spent just about every weekend with them and their kids. My husband and I saw these friends as our life would be if you 'fast forwarded' to 15 years from now. We've been friends for almost three years when, last year, the husband lost his job in the California technology fallout. It was really horrible for us to see our friends under such difficulty. The money from the severance package finally ran out and the wife only worked part-time so they couldn't keep the financial balancing act going.

Last week they moved out of state to be closer to their family and now there will be no more cooking, playing and laughing together.

When I think about all the weekends I spent with people I didn't like instead of people we do like... I realize what a waste of time it was.

I want to change this.

No more spending time with people I do not like or respect. No more spending time with people I feel sorry for because they have no other firends but do not enjoy.

Life is too short and you never know when you're going to loose some good friends.