blooming artichoke & a very tall dog?!?

I have a very small garden in the front of our house (10 x15'). Since this is the only place where I get to play with dirt I have planted lots of edible things there -- don't get me wrong, I still pay attention to esthetic and make it look like a decent front yard. Under our window, for example, I have a hedge of artichokes. Since this is the first year I've gotten a sizable crop I decided to let one artichoke bloom. Neighbors far and wide have come to see it and I was very excited about it, too.

Last weekend two Jehova's witnesses stopped by and spent a good five minutes admiring the bloming artichoke before making their way up to our door. After my husband shooed the "witnesses" away I went out to enjoy our artichoke bloom.

I gasped in horror as I tried to comprehend what I was seeing. The artichoke bloom which stands about 24" off the ground had a large, long, wide segment of poo draped on top! What or who could have even thought of doing something like that?

I say that it was either a very tall dog with extremely good aim or a very distrubed individual.

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