I just got home from work to find a citation on my car. Something about not moving it for the last 72 hours!?!?!

I actually did move the car in the last 72 hours but the nosy neighbor who reported me must have been taking a break from their counting while I ran errands and parked back in the same spot!

Two months ago, someone ran into my car and ran away while it was parked so it's got a little dent on the door. Also, I haven't washed the car in a while so it's a bit dusty. But it's not like we live in a primo neighborhood. I live in a neighborhood of what they call "starter" homes (which are on the low end of middle class affordability).

This is what I wrote on a sign I posted on the back window of my car:


Since you pass your days counting the hours my car has not moved...(BTW, you missed me yesterdayI ran errands)... perhaps, you would care to tell the SMPD who ran into my car door and left a dent?
I'm so glad to have neighbors like you. Even though I have to dodge bullets at the shopping center I can come home and feel safe that there are no code violations here!

Yes, our "starter home" neighborhood had a shooting last weekend. Why can't the nosy neighbors worry about the larger problems of life?

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