anorexic ladybug woos?

I'm trying to grow things organically around here and except for the errant terd (read 6/19 entry) I seem do be doing ok except for one foe that I have not been able to defeat APHIDS!

My new artichoke leaves are crusted with both black and green aphids (yuck). Ants are happily harvesting the aphid's sticky sweet excretion and placing them on al the new growth. I've tried planting garlic near the base but that worked only during the spring (perhaps it was a coincidence since aphids don't like cold weather)?

I found some ladybugs in our flat-leaf sage bushes and delicately placed them on the artichoke leaves to "feast" on the plentiful aphids. As soon as the ladybug "landed" three ants came around and started harassing LB! Even though the ants were 1/10 the size of the ladybug the LB started to retreat to an aphid-less part of the leaf.

Wh... Wha.. What-T-F?!?!

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