where, exactly is the end of the line?

I've been taking a bus to work for the last two years. When I first showed-up at the bus stop and the first bus arrived it stopped in front of me, so I got on. A lady yelled at me "can't you see there's a line?!?! The line forms from the sign "forward" and after that, I paid close attention and only got on at my appointed time.

But now, a new driver is on the route and he has threatened to disrupt this orderly world of communting rules and regulations. Instead of stopping with the front door of the bus near the bus stop sign (the beggining of the line) he stops at the end of the line.

As the automatic doors open with a soft pifffffffffff you hear soft gasps of shock. All commuters pause and hold their breath while examining each other's face as they struggle to remember if you were the one who reprimanded or the one who needed reprimanding to enforce the line.

Time begins again and 15 adults hastily re-arrange themselves so that the first one who arrived at the stop can get on the bus first.

We've had this new driver for the last two weeks and he's been stopping in the same spot (end of the line) but the dynamics of the line have not changed-- so we go through the above-referenced ritual each morning.


anorexic ladybug woos?

I'm trying to grow things organically around here and except for the errant terd (read 6/19 entry) I seem do be doing ok except for one foe that I have not been able to defeat APHIDS!

My new artichoke leaves are crusted with both black and green aphids (yuck). Ants are happily harvesting the aphid's sticky sweet excretion and placing them on al the new growth. I've tried planting garlic near the base but that worked only during the spring (perhaps it was a coincidence since aphids don't like cold weather)?

I found some ladybugs in our flat-leaf sage bushes and delicately placed them on the artichoke leaves to "feast" on the plentiful aphids. As soon as the ladybug "landed" three ants came around and started harassing LB! Even though the ants were 1/10 the size of the ladybug the LB started to retreat to an aphid-less part of the leaf.

Wh... Wha.. What-T-F?!?!


blooming artichoke & a very tall dog?!?

I have a very small garden in the front of our house (10 x15'). Since this is the only place where I get to play with dirt I have planted lots of edible things there -- don't get me wrong, I still pay attention to esthetic and make it look like a decent front yard. Under our window, for example, I have a hedge of artichokes. Since this is the first year I've gotten a sizable crop I decided to let one artichoke bloom. Neighbors far and wide have come to see it and I was very excited about it, too.

Last weekend two Jehova's witnesses stopped by and spent a good five minutes admiring the bloming artichoke before making their way up to our door. After my husband shooed the "witnesses" away I went out to enjoy our artichoke bloom.

I gasped in horror as I tried to comprehend what I was seeing. The artichoke bloom which stands about 24" off the ground had a large, long, wide segment of poo draped on top! What or who could have even thought of doing something like that?

I say that it was either a very tall dog with extremely good aim or a very distrubed individual.


I just got home from work to find a citation on my car. Something about not moving it for the last 72 hours!?!?!

I actually did move the car in the last 72 hours but the nosy neighbor who reported me must have been taking a break from their counting while I ran errands and parked back in the same spot!

Two months ago, someone ran into my car and ran away while it was parked so it's got a little dent on the door. Also, I haven't washed the car in a while so it's a bit dusty. But it's not like we live in a primo neighborhood. I live in a neighborhood of what they call "starter" homes (which are on the low end of middle class affordability).

This is what I wrote on a sign I posted on the back window of my car:


Since you pass your days counting the hours my car has not moved...(BTW, you missed me yesterdayI ran errands)... perhaps, you would care to tell the SMPD who ran into my car door and left a dent?
I'm so glad to have neighbors like you. Even though I have to dodge bullets at the shopping center I can come home and feel safe that there are no code violations here!

Yes, our "starter home" neighborhood had a shooting last weekend. Why can't the nosy neighbors worry about the larger problems of life?

hurry-up and wait

I work for a city government and I've found that the fewer waves I make, the better things are. Usually, everything goes fine if I don't ask anyone to do any actual work and keep the status quo.

All the Civil Service Employees around me aspire to working in the back-room of an undiscolosed location so that they can sleep all day, and leave work early.

My boss told me that I'm pushy.

"I'm not happy with the way things are." I replied, " If I don't push, nothing changes."


the doors

Last weekend I went to a friend's house to see a slide show on his latest trips to Sweden and Morocco. Just about every door in both countries was blue.

Coincidence? You be the judge.